HOME~Original name, H~Hollandse Herdershond

Hollandse Herdershond

English name: Dutch Shepherd Dog
German name: Holl
AKC group: Sporting, FCI group 11 No. 223

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DOGS (4)
#SexDog nameOwner
1mAgosttino Luis Wapini von FolgeEva Rejnartov
2fAkela Qalt MercatorEva Rejnartov
3fAtima Qalt MercatorEva Rejnartov
4fCaddy Qalt MercatorEva Rejnartov
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#Date addedEmailPhone
12003-11-06iscdecin@quick.cz00420/777012702, 00420/412514275
Very super puppy: F.: Dries v.d. Vastenow, M.: Akela Qalt Mercator
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